Wondering Where To Buy Kratom?

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Mitragyna speciosa, better known by its common name kratom, has gained popularity, and the number of consumers is increasing day by day. More and more people are interested in trying the product out and jumping on the bandwagon. When trying natural plant-derived products, amateurs and beginners are often confused by the number of vendor options.

There are usually three types of vendors that you will find selling kratom. These include online kratom vendors, offline kratom retailers, and smoke and head shops. Although each of these vendors have their pros and cons, one vendor easily wins from the other two. To make sure you are taking the option that suits you better, we have compiled all you need to know about kratom vendors.

Offline Kratom Retailers

These vendors are specialized kratom retailers and brands that are offering offline buying. Finding a specialized kratom retailer shop near you can be a challenge as many states in the U.S. do not even have one of these. You can use yellow pages or Google Maps to track down an offline kratom retailer near you. 


  • You get the satisfaction of buying from and supporting a local business near you. 
  • The staff that these retailers employ are well-versed in kratom and can help you figure your way out around the substance and the various strains.
  • There is no waiting period, and the product comes home with you the same day you make the purchase.


  • These shops are not common, and you have to find them. Sometimes, you even have to travel for a while to reach these shops.
  • These shops do not have anything in stock other than the inventory they possess at the time of your visit.
  • Often, because of the lack of availability of such shops – they have overpriced products.

Smoke shops and Head shops

Smoke shops and head shops include vendors involved in selling various botanicals, herbals, tobacco, etc. They are also involved in the sales of vapes, and often, several such shops even sell kratom.


  • There is a wide product range in these shops. Hence you can find a number of your favorite botanicals along with your kratom. 
  • These shops are very easily available around almost every state. 


  • Overpriced kratom because of low availability.
  • As smoke shops are not selling kratom as a primary product, there is a possibility that they might be selling low-quality kratom. 
  • The knowledge of the staff regarding mitragyna would be inadequate and of no help. 

Online vendors

These vendors are online brands that import kratom, manufacture products from it, and deliver them to your doorstep. There are various online vendors in the kratom market today.


  • These vendors are not state-specific. They usually ship to all states of the U.S., where kratom is legal. You do not have to find an online vendor close to you.
  • The product ranges and strain numbers of online vendors are relatively higher than the other two options. 
  • Online vendors deliver to your doorstep and ensure your comfort. 
  • There are usually deals, sales, coupons, and offers available online.


  • You have to wait the shipping time before you get your kratom. Hence, if you are in a hurry, this might not work.

Who wins? 

From the above discussion, it is pretty apparent who wins between the three vendors in terms of product availability, prices, ease of availability, customer comfort, etc. Online vendors win by a margin as they are the best way to get a hold of your favorite kratom product. 

The primary reason why online vendors are the winners is that you do not need to go to a shop and buy these products physically. Moreover, a number of these sites have blogs available as well, which you can read and learn about the fantastic gift of nature that kratom is. There are usually deals and sales going on when you buy from online vendors. Moreover, these vendors have a return policy and their lab tests on display, ensuring the best quality.

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Matt Tatem

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