Who Is Dr Michele Ross?

Having a doctor that understands what kratom is, isn't immediately judgemental or looks down at you for wanting to choose this option for self care, IS A GODSEND and DOES exist! Meet Dr Ross.

Who Is Dr Ross?

Meet Dr. Michele Ross, an expert in plant medicine. Little did she know that her career as a neuroscientist studying addiction would turn into advocating for the medicinal use of psychedelic drugs like cannabis, mushrooms and even kratom. “Expect the unexpected” has been the theme of her life, with experiences such as becoming the first scientist in the world to star on a reality television series, surviving deadly lung blood clots that had her in a wheelchair and on oxygen, and beating a life-changing diagnosis of fibromyalgia to live her best life ever with plant medicine.

Having a doctor on your side that supports the use of kratom is a blessing to have in our corner as kratom consumers wanting to better ourselves and lives with plant based medicines. Her mission is to help you build a life full of joy and free of pain. She not only supports a kratom consumers choice of natural medicine, but she also can relate with the struggles that many consumers face and deal with, struggles like chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and so many more things. She credits cannabis, mushrooms, kratom, and other holistic treatments to not only healing her body, but also reconnecting her soul with its purpose. She makes herself available for those looking to shift from chronic illness to chronic healing.

What she offers

Her serves are wide as she desires to help those in every stage of their lives, whether they are needing a coach/consultations to help guide them and get them on the right track, or for someone who is starting a kratom business and needs a doctor in their corner to help build their business with credibility and respect. She also wrote a book about kratom that helps to educate the reader about the tree, its pros and cons, and what it has done for thousands of consumers around the world. She offers courses, educational blog posts, knowledge and so much more.


Dr Ross is amongst those in respectable positions desiring to clean up the image of kratom and other plant based alternative “controversial” medicine. It would behoove those who want to keep and see kratom and other medicine legal to support, follow, and learn from her so that more scientists and doctors will come out supporting alternative medicine without fear or hesitation.

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