Unusual ways to take kratom

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For there to be unusual ways of taking kratom, there must be a usual way. What is the usual way of taking kratom, you may ask? 

From its native countries in Southeast Asia, leaves of this wondrous herb have for a long time been chewed raw by the locals and this is usually drunk with a beverage to wash it down. Therefore, we can hang on this as the ‘usual’ way of taking kratom. Any other developments that deviated from this original method of ingesting it can be termed as ‘unusual’. At least to validate our discussion.

Studying this plant and discovering its massive benefits has led to its commercialization. Vendors have explored different forms of processing, packaging and presenting kratom products in the market. With new presentation methods come other methods of taking this herb.

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As far as nourishment is concerned, the Kratom herb has seen a huge awakening in the form of the product explained below.

Kratom Soap (Skincare)

Discovering the awe arousing benefits of kratom on the skin was a great breakthrough in the beauty and skincare industry. It revealed a new way of using this herb. This was in soap form. Making of kratom soap has been on the rise ever since.

It is a natural soap. Free of chemicals and those who have used kratom soap glorify it for having no reactions with their skin. This has made this method of using kratom a trend among kratom lovers.

Kratom powder

Of all the new methods of consuming kratom, ingesting it in powder form is arguably the most popular method. This miraculous powder is made by drying, crushing and grounding high-quality kratom leaves into a fine powder that is then packaged in specific quantities. It is a form of kratom you cannot miss in any reliable retailer outlet. They come in different strains which you should be privy of.

Kratom Extract

It is the most concentrated form of taking kratom. It is maybe up to 15 times more concentrated than kratom powder. This unusual form of kratom is not recommended for beginners due to its high levels of concentration.

It is mostly presented as a liquid that is consumed by getting a few drops under your tongue using a dropper.

Kratom Tablets

This is yet another modernised way of packaging kratom for consumption. The powder is filled in edible capsules that make it possible to take them as our day to day pills. Simply pop it in the mouth and use water to swallow. Many people like this because it saves them a bitter encounter with the powder.

Kratom Tea

Using the kratom leaves to make tea is now a common way of taking this herb. You can make it your everyday cup of tea. Boil water, add kratom leaves and allow to boil for 20 more minutes. Strain the tea in a glass and you are good to go. You just learned another unusual way of taking kratom! 

Tea, capsule, powder and extract. All these seem to be very ordinary things in our life. I guess you must be wondering why they are called unusual when it comes to kratom. Are you?

Matt Tatem

Matt Tatem

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