It is no secret that the corporate world of business is corrupt and challenging in most of its dealings. You see that reflected in movies, tv series, and even in the media. It is safe to say that there is no successful company out there that didn’t have to “bend a rule” in one form or another.

However, let’s enter the kratom community…

When you do, you’ll see a group of individuals full of zest for this tree. You’ll see people from all walks of life: addiction, chronic illness, young, old. The culture is very diverse.

But more than anything, you’ll see people committed to their vendor.

90% of today’s successful kratom businesses got their “fame” from private Facebook groups during the “underground” period when kratom consumers hide amongst private Facebook groups, discussing the benefits of this amazing, life-changing tree. It was discouraged to discuss it outside of the private community in fear of the public discovering it, it blowing up in popularity, and the government getting its claws into it in hopes of profiting from this tree and its unique properties.

If there is anything a consumer needs to understand is that they will NEVER know what really goes on when running a business, especially a high-risk product business, so they should stop trying to think they know. Most of these powerful CEOs are buddies when they run across each other at events, and laugh at their customers fighting with each other regarding rumors. It is honestly a big waste of time but VERY entertaining and GREAT for business!

Geo Emmons is the CEO of Breezy and all you see here on this website. He has direct connections to plantations in Indonesia and visits often. There have been PLENTY of spamming Indonesian vendors that try to spam plenty of hopeful American Entrepreneurs looking to start a kratom business. If they don’t succeed, they attempt to spread lies, which consist of twisting the truth of the actual happenings.

Consumers need to know that THAT happens, and to not believe everything they hear or see. Things are ALWAYS left out and customized to suit the narrative of the author… If we have learned anything from the political drama in the media, it is you can’t trust everything you are told.

You take a risk with you buying anything as a consumer. But the focus one should have is themselves. If this product benefiting YOUR life? Is it doing its job?

If yes, then don’t worry about the drama behind the scenes.

Written by Shaunna K, the original Kratom Girl, 2014-2019.

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