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Are you a store or distributor? Whether you are currently reselling kratom products or just getting started, we can help serve your wholesale/product needs with the highest quality kratom available on the market, with white label available! 3rd party lab tested, manufactured right here in the U.S. 

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If you want to purchase 10 + kilos, legally we require an EIN & business name in order to give you the amazing deals we offer for our large wholesale orders! Complete this form and we will get in contact with you with our pricing that will beat ANY other! 

Why buy bulk from Breezy?

We here at Breezy are dedicated to providing the highest-quality kratom available. As part of our commitment to providing clean and unadulterated kratom to those who need them most, we are looking to partner with like-minded businesses that want to offer their customers trusted products.

All of our kratom products are cGMP and apply quality protocols which includes the process of carefully pasteurizing our kratom using a gentle heat that is hot enough to kill bacteria, yet low enough to preserve the integrity of the alkaloids.

3rd Party Lab testing available. They are updated routinely so contact us and ask us for the most current. We have batch-specific lab testing certificates of analysis (COA) available to consumers via QR codes on our product labels.

To stay ahead of the curve, we strive to cultivate an innovative product line with new products continually in development. Not to mention, we offer extremely competitive pricing, and our attention to customer service allows for a superior experience!

We do all the heavy lifting!

We do the testing, We do the packaging, We get the best, certified product on the market in your hand!

We create your brand!

Need packaging? Need a manufacturer to create your labels/packaging and ship it out? DONE!

We offer marketing materials

We offer countless materials for your branding needs that showcase the products you will be selling.

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