Florida Georgia Line 45% Full Spectrum Extract Blend



Product Description

Y’all gather ’round now, ’cause Breezy Trees Botanicals has somethin’ mighty special to share! We’re fixin’ to introduce y’all to our Florida Georgia Line 45% Full Spectrum Enhanced Kratom Powder – which is 30 grams of our finest Kratom powder enhanced with 2 grams of extremely powerful extract  – a true Southern belle in the world of botanicals. Honey, this blend ain’t just singin’—it’s hollerin’ with a bounty of benefits you won’t find this side of the Mason-Dixon … You can select from Red Vein, Green Vein, White Vein, or a potent mix of all 3 veins (Rainbow).

A Hootenanny of Potency

Well, bless your heart, we’ve gone and done it. This Kratom blend is like a down-home cookout for your soul, featuring the crème de la crème of Kratom Powder, all jazzed up with 2 grams of our own 45% Mitragynine Full Spectrum Kratom Extract. We’re talkin’ a knee-slappin’, foot-stompin’ 85% total alkaloids that’ll make you feel like you’re dancin’ on air.

Customizable as a Patchwork Quilt

Heck, you wouldn’t serve the same sweet tea to everyone at Sunday supper, would ya? We give you the chance to pick your Kratom the same way you pick your BBQ sauce—just the way you like it. Choose from Green Vein, Red Vein, White Vein, or get yerself a heapin’ helpin’ of all three for a Kratom blend as diverse as a Southern potluck.

Serenade Your Senses

Imagine sittin’ on the porch, watchin’ fireflies dance in the evenin’ air, feelin’ that deep Southern comfort seepin’ into your bones. Yessiree, this blend offers up a potent euphoria and deep relaxation quicker’n you can say, “sweet magnolia.”

Good as Grandma’s Biscuits

We take our craft as seriously as grandma takes her biscuit recipe. Each ounce of Florida Georgia Line 45% Full Spectrum Enhanced Kratom Powder is pure as a mountain stream and potent as grandpa’s moonshine. Y’all can rest easy knowin’ we’ve got your well-being in our Southern hearts.

So, what’re y’all waitin’ for? Y’all don’t have to look high and low for a remedy that’ll treat you right. The Florida Georgia Line 45% Full Spectrum Enhanced Kratom Powder is as close to Southern Heaven as you’ll get without joinin’ the choir invisible.

Set yer sights on an experience as big and beautiful as the Southern night sky—say howdy to a blend that’ll make you holler “Hallelujah!” This is more than just Kratom, darlin’; this is a harmonious hymn of unparalleled tranquility and euphoria, comin’ at you straight from the heart of Dixie. Y’all best get yours now before the sun sets on this limited offering!

Product Reviews


Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 9, 2024

I’ve been taking Kratom for years and this stuff is not only powerful but it’s concentrated. Like, the first time I just dose like normal and I was on the bathroom floor for two hours. Not kidding. Just laying there unable to get my balance long enough to stand up.

When I finally did go back to give it a shot I started with almost micro doses. When you get where you should be it’s nice stuff. Very relaxing and quite a bit of pain relief.

I think the website description is certainly enjoyable to read but it truly says nothing at all about what to expect or how to take it. It comes in different colors but why would I get one over another? Outside of using a lot of Deep South slang what should I expect? What does it help with?

Any of that would be a very welcomed addition

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