How to Use Kratom

*Disclaimer: This blog article uses “dose” and “dosage” for SEO purposes only, the correct term is “serving size” since Kratom is not sold for medicinal purposes.

Everyone here at Breezy Trees takes kratom daily. We have over a decade of consumer experience, including our own influencer, Shaunna K, who was the original “Kratom Girl”, teaching thousands about the benefits and risks of kratom, publically for ten plus years! If anyone knows kratom, it’s her.

While ‘Rotating Kratom Strains’ (i.e using a different strain/blend every day) is super important, managing your ideal serving size is equally important.

You will CONSISTENTLY experience Kratom’s Effects whether you use 5-Times-A-Month or 3-Times-A-Day.

Hint: Even Veteran Users often times need to revisit this conversation —

“So How Much Kratom Should I Take.”

First, you need to take into account your weight and what medications you are on because your weight can highly affect how quickly and how much you need to feel anything. And your medications can counteract the benefits of kratom and make it void. Nevertheless, always try with the below if new:

Kratom Dosage Guide

Ladies, [L]Below 125 lbs: [0.25-0.50 Gram]125-160 lbs: [0.50-0.75 Gram]Above 160 lbs: [0.75-1.00 Gram]

Gentlemen, [G]Below 150 lbs: [0.75-1.5 Gram]150-210 lbs: [1.5-2.25 Gram]Above 210 lbs: [2.25-3.0 Gram]

It’s better to take ‘too little’ (no benefits) than ‘too much’ (temporary irritating effects).

Those who tend to not be sensitive to things, can try the formulas below:

Strong Suggestion: Do Not “Eyeball” Kratom Dosage

1.0 level Teaspoon = 2.00 Grams
→ 0.5 level Teaspoon = 1.00 Gram
→ 0.25 level Teaspoon = 0.50 Grams
→ 1/8th level Teaspoon = 0.25 Grams


Adjust Kratom Dosage by One Kratom Leaf at a time: Adjust each serving-size by 0.25-0.50 Grams each time until you begin to feel the Magic.

Empty Stomach is optimal, AND be sure to drink lots of Water: Rule 101 on how to use Kratom – Stay Hydrated!

Remember: Be patient like the Kratom Tree.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

Experience says it takes 6-8 hours for Mitragyna Speciosa to exit your system enough such for you to feel the full effect of another serving.

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