Kratom powder versus extract

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What is the difference Between Kratom Powder and Extract?

It is very important to understand the difference between kratom powder and kratom extract before you go shopping for it. Going to the store without this knowledge will confuse you the most. You will encounter a wide range of products that will give you a hard time settling on what you need. 

Please, don’t visit a kratom store before reading this. 

Kratom powders and extract may look similar on the shelves and they often confuse consumers. That doesn’t come as a surprise since they are products of the same plant, the mitragyna speciosa. A plant that is native in Southeast Asia. What is the difference between kratom powder and extract? The potent level is the answer.

Kratom Powder vs Extracts 

To begin with, kratom powder is less potent than the extract. This is because kratom powder does not fully withdraw the alkaloid compounds in it as the extract does. Regardless of its amazing benefits, many consumers of kratom powder find themselves increasing their dosage gradually. This translates to more expenditure. 

Surprisingly, kratom extracts are as high as 15 times more potent than powder! The withdraw all the compounds for your consumption. This gives you the maximum benefits. Having a high potency means that you have to take a small dosage compared to kratom powder.  

It is recommended that you get yourself accustomed to powder kratom before you introduce the highly concentrated kratom extract on your menu. It may not be a universal rule but if you feel like breaking some norms, you can dare the devil and give us your side of the story.

How To Spot The Difference

There are two ways to spot the difference. The basic method is using simple observation skills and the second way is to understand the concentration ratio written on the labels.

  1. Color and Smell

The primary way of differentiating anything is by observation. In this case, you can start by observing the color and then distinguishing the smell. As for the color, extract tends to be darker than powder because the lighter materials of the plant have been removed.

The extract also has a sharper smell compared to powder due to the high concentration of alkaloids. Some retailers will sell extract in liquid form as a tincture or ultra-powdered form due to its high concentration.

To be on the safer side, get your products from reputable suppliers who have a proper label on the product. Most of the reliable retails also have well-informed staff members who will guide you on what is good for you.

  1. Interpreting the Ratio

Since kratom extract has a high concentration of alkaloids than powder, you can identify extracts by looking out for labels with higher ratios on them. For example, 2x or 2:1 means that the concentration is twice that of the kratom powder. It may progress 3x or 3:1, 4x, 5x and so on. The ratio labeling is a comparison to the concentration in the extract to that found in the powder.

Having this in mind will give you further guidance on how to differentiate the two products.To this point, you can now go shopping for the best kratom products from Breezy Kratom.

Matt Tatem

Matt Tatem

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