Does the Queen of England take Red Strain Kratom?

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Does the Queen of England take Red Strain Kratom?

Kratom Girl

Kratom Girl

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Kratom in the UK

Kratom has been a world wide, undercover phenomenon in the natural alternative community. It spent years in an “under cover” Facebook community amongst thousands before it started to leek out into main stream media. As that happened, people began to realize that kratom was a medicinal source for millions around the world, helping with pain, anxiety, depression and so many other things.

England has not banned kratom, unlike what you might have read stating that it had. Fact is, kratom is not amongst the listed psychoactive substance on their Psychoactive Substances Act. On the streets in the UK, kratom is slang for Ketum, mitragyna speciosa, kakuam, ithang, and thom. They describe kratom as an opium substitute. They offer a system called FRANK that guides a curious person into the details to look out for before trying it. It would be funny if the Queen of England partook in kratom as a supplement amongst her apothecary’s fine selection.

The “Best” Strain

One strain in particular is praised as one of the UK’s favorite strain of kratom because of it’s well rounded group of benefits and effects that it holds. Red strains holds a lot of profound benefits that other strains might not hold.

In 2020, the Drug and Alcohol Dependence published a researched and studied the effects of kratom on neuropathic pain associated with chemotherapy. Male rats were provided with mitragynine for several days. The observation was that the kratom-injected rats manifested lesser pain symptoms. The adrenergic receptors that are prescribed for nerve pain are found in red kratom. The author hints at the benefits of using red strain kratom for managing pain over any of the other strains.

Several ongoing human trials have already been done and continue to be done. One thing that all studies have in common is the common denominator strain that holds the most benefits based on the research, and that is Red Borneo.


The benefits of the “best” strain

Might help with chronic pain & your average body ache

Several ongoing human trials have also confirmed the effects of red strain kratom and that the daily consumption of kratom had resulted in reduced and endurable pain.

The case study of a 26-year-old man had an accident that resulted in a calcaneus fracture, due to which he was suffering from severe pain and PTSD. He wanted a naturalistic way to manage pain. They tried him on a red strain. As his first low dose, he found relief from his pain, but at they increased the dose, those positive effects reversed. After a particular dose, the body refused to reduce pain and anxiety; instead, it evoked drowsiness.

The study concluded that a higher dosage of kratom might not work as efficiently as expected. However, if consumed under-regulated observation, you might get desired results.



Might help with multiple sclerosis

A study conducted on 58,000 people who had MS concluded that 54 percent of the participants had an immediate reduction in pain. The remaining 74 percent who suffered from spasticity reported some relief after using red strain kratom. Kratom is not a cure. It is known to help, which seems to be exactly what it did in this study, making the associated pain more manageable and under control.


Might help with arthritis

The mitragynine and hydroxy mitragynine works like magic on joint pains. Being a natural opioid it might be the best alternative to several mind-altering therapeutic drugs whose main focus is to treat the pain. Kratom is known to also do both, mental and physical benefits, so naturally it might be a great alternative to try for join pain. Many report it doing just that. More studies are being done to back up all of these claims.


Might help lower blood pressure

Some users report that responsible use of kratom can actually lower blood pressure. This in-depth anecdotal report details one consumer’s experience with kratom that was dealing with high blood pressure. Their consumption resulted in stabilized blood pressure even without use of prescription medications.

However, other consumers have reported that kratom, particularly in high doses, actually spiked blood pressure, which could cause health problems for those with preexisting hypertension or other cardiovascular issues. Therefore, it is wise to know your body and what it might be more sensitive to (just like some are sensitive to caffeine).



Mitragynine Speciosa not only holds the likely possibility that it might help with your aches and pains, as well as internal issues like blood pressure, it also helps the mind: depression, anxiety and insomnia. The various strains of this amazing tree holds so many various effects, it is quickly becoming the go-to natural alternative medicine around the world.

Kratom powder in small jars and spoon

The Truth About Red Strains

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