Denial Within Scientific Society

Do you ever wonder why so many groups and various walks of life are in denial? It seems to be the common theme for many.

I think we are all guilty of it, from time to time. But, it’s important that we work at recognizing it, so it doesn’t become a common thread within our lives.

Written By Kami Davis

Do you ever wonder why so many groups and various walks of life are in denial? It seems to be the common theme for many.

I think we are all guilty of it, from time to time. But, it’s important that we work at recognizing it, so it doesn’t become a common thread within our lives.

Denial is a form of dishonesty. Although, to be fair, our subconsciousness tells us things at times, as more of a protective mechanism.

HOWEVER, there are different types of denial. For example, if it’s consciously done on purpose for gain, etc.

I blog about Kratom because I see so many doctors, scientists, and law enforcement blatantly lie or disregard the positive results this plant has on people’s lives. I positively KNOW for almost 5 YEARS, how beneficial Kratom has been. It’s been beneficial for my family and the THOUSANDS of people who are my friends within the Kratom community, who are benefiting (((LONGTERM))) from this plant.

That’s why it’s hard for us at times, to believe the negative experiences we read from others. Even so, we should not deny them. However, almost across the board, I’d say they deny our testimonies and the fact that the benefits of Kratom far outweigh the negative. It’s okay to express truth but it’s not okay when it’s done in a dishonest way. Creating false awareness and a false narrative is what (is) harming human beings today.

You would be surprised how many doctors deny the fact that they support holistic alternatives. Some may feel they have to, so they’re accepted by their peers and colleagues. Others may be so trained and ‘taught’ where they’re close minded into never believing (anything) outside of Western medicine,,, could be of value.

When it comes to Western Medicine versus Holistic Alternative, a lot of what you see in the scientific community is complete denial as to what is REALLY happening to their patients or what actually constitutes an adverse reaction or WITHDRAWAL. When I worked as a Med Nurse in Acute Psychiatry, very RARELY did the psychologists talk with the patients. Yes, they had an appointment here and there, but the Registered Psychiatric Technicians and Medication Nurses were the ones who were by their sides, 24/7, administering psychotropics and/or tending to their nursing care needs one-on-one. I did BOTH. ⭕️❌⭕️♥️

It’s sad. There is not enough counseling that is actually being done. We need better healthcare insurance and better treatment options that involve one-on-one care. When I worked at Sonoma Developmental Center, we rarely had time to perform ANY one-on-one care which was also frustrating and sad because my co-workers and I knew the greater difference we could of made in some lives. They just needed some individual time and attention.

However, the denial within our scientific community, here is the story of one particular primary care physician who prescribed himself an anti-depressant.

It’s fascinating and sad at the same time, due to his findings. He now has a LITERAL, better understanding of what his patients go through.

He NOW KNOWS the unspoken TRUTH, of how much denial there is within the culture and society of physicians and the like.

For,,, THIS is what they are taught to say to avoid the ACTUAL truth. The TRUTH that would outright be dramatically telling because Americans could no longer be tricked into thinking that Big Pharma’s Medicine is safer or less addicting than some amazing dietary supplements such as CBD, Marijuana, Kratom, etc.

Here is an except from ‘Mad In America’ ~

‘You would hope that specialists or specialized centers would have better tools for assessment and treatment. But also, psychiatrists often do not know what to do, because of massive denial of the problem by scientific societies and journals (“antidepressant drugs do not cause dependence; it is just a matter of tapering them slowly; what patients experience are harmless discontinuation syndromes”). Major financial interests (pushing prescriptions to the highest doses and most prolonged administrations) are behind this denial.’

NOTE: INSTEAD of calling it for what it REALLY IS which are WITHDRAWALS ,,,in which the patient IS HAVING, the ‘scientific community’ have completely DENIED that FACT and DELIBERATELY re-coined the definition and entire term. That IS, WITHDRAWAL.

“After a couple of years things were looking up a bit and I decided it was time to quit. I knew I had to do it gradually, so I split the 20 mg tablet. A nightmare: a flare up of somatic symptoms with total loss of concentration (I could not even work as a doctor). I went back to the original dose and things got better. I remembered that this happened also to some patients of mine; I had looked for advice to a couple of psychiatrists I was familiar with for a few patients who had problems similar to mine, and they just suggested me that those patients had simply to go back to the medications they took before.’


DENIAL ~ I see the addiction community do this also; the MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) community, which stems from the FDA, Big Pharma, and our government.

Trust me when I say there IS ENOUGH ROOM for all forms of treatments, medications, modalities, and herbs. If only, Big Pharma’s Westernized Medicine wasn’t so greedy for the taking.

We as a society, as a whole are made up of all different kinds of races, ethnicities, cultures, and personalities. NO TWO PEOPLE are the same. YOU are unique and you are your own individual, unlike ANYONE else on this Earth. If you really think about that, it’s somewhat mind-blowing. But, most of all, it screams that we as human beings are all the same, but VERY different needing personalized and individualized treatment options.

It’s not rocket science. What one person needs is not going to be the same as what someone else does. What works for some, is not going to work for someone else. What causes adverse side-effects for one person can be the ABSOLUTE RAINBOW and GODSEND ANSWER as to what will work for THEM. Whether it be a natural dietary supplement or FDA Big Pharma classified medication, one might be a nightmare while the other being EXACTLY what is needed to make them well. You GET the gist, my lovelies.

This is exactly why we need western medicine AND holistic alternatives to stay. We absolutely need both. I am GRATEFUL for psychotropics. If it were not for LITHIUM, I would no longer have my closest, dearest family member in my life. I have firsthand experience with a variety of psychotropics, both personally and professionally.

There are so many variables and reasons why or why not someone would be a better candidate for Western versus Holistic. Age plays a big role. Also, the depth, degree, and history of mental illness are vital factors. Please remember, I am not a doctor but I do have every right to share my knowledge and experience from when I did work as a Psychiatric Medication Nurse. But, I also have personal experience as a living human being. We all do. With that said, always remember to consult a physician before trying something new, etc.

Also, let’s be real. Folks cannot judge Kratom because they’re in an anti-Kratom group with dozens of people complaining about withdrawals. Or even if there ARE a very very small number of deaths, where Kratom was in the person’s system, that is not conclusive as to determine Kratom being harmful enough to be denied legal access. They really don’t have enough basis or any evidence for that matter beyond someone’s ‘word’ to come to an accurate conclusion to say (or fight) that Kratom deserves to be scheduled and banned. They can say it all day long, but is it true? NO. They can’t and the reason why is because there is a huge group of Kratom consumers who benefit from this plant, who GROSSLY outnumber this statistic.

Am I hypocritical, saying this because I have my own selfish reasons for keeping it legal? That’s a phat NO, because Kratom is a million times safer than ANY OTHER pain reliever. Even if it is somewhat habit forming, it is still safer. Yet, these guys who cannot consume, bash it as a whole in a VERY DISHONEST way.

Same as pro-Kratom people cannot deny the struggles that some have had with it. But, we need to be truthful about the actual statistics and circumstances or details. We don’t deny the experiences of anti-Kratom groups. All we ask is that you don’t deny ours. But, unfortunately this is not the case and is why Kratom is so controversial.

We are presently at war, Western against Holistic. Please go to and tell congress to NOT amend or make changes to the DSHEA Act which was enacted in 1994 to protect all dietary supplements from being altered or eliminated by our government and the FDA.

Do NOT let them trick you into thinking their intentions are for the greater good. Think about it. WHY would or should our government have any access or control over our herbal and dietary supplements that we as a FREE country and society have free access to? If we allow this, you can say goodbye to self-autonomy and hello to all of your vitamin and nutrition shops being closely monitored, regulated, and controlled. This is an attempt for our government and Big Pharma to COMPLETELY MONOPOLIZE the way Americans freely take care of themselves and their health.

They tried to destroy our access to vitamins, herbs, and supplements long ago but thankfully the DSHEA Act of 1994 kept them from succeeding. But, now they have this loophole,,, they’re hoping WE will give them.

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