Written By Kami Davis

Hi Friends! I have great news! The Governor of Colorado just signed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act into legislation!

This piece of legislation will ensure Coloradans safe, clean Kratom. It will also require vendors in this state to establish good manufacturing practices, requiring all tea leaf powder to be lab tested for purity.

Also, the KCPA will establish age restrictions, so let me ask you why on Earth would anyone be against this legislation? Only people who are not trying to establish safety measurements, for having purely selfish reasons would this be. Having some kind of ulterior motives that are not at the best interest of others; would oppose legislature that is actually trying to make something SAFER.

Something is definitely WRONG, unstable, and UNSAFE if groups are trying to fight the KCPA from being enacted into legislation.

Next time you see anti-Kratom folks speaking negatively about it, ask yourself if their actions and behavior are matching what they are actually trying to represent. They SAY they don’t want kids to have access to it. WELL, this will solve that problem. They say Kratom is dangerous due to it being adulterated and possibly laced. WELL THIS will SOLVE that PROBLEM.

So, if people are still hateful and trying to destroy our precious Kratom community and the legislation that we are fighting for then they are the problem. Not the Kratom Community, nor the American Kratom Association and what we stand for.

Written By Kami Davis

Don’t forget to go to http://www.protectkratom.org/congress to oppose the FDA from monitoring all dietary supplements

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