Best way to take kratom

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How do you like your coffee? White or black? With sugar or without? How about hot brewed coffee? Huh?

Picture this, if you asked this question to five people, don’t be surprised to get five different answers. What does this mean? There are many ways of drinking coffee. Everyone has a personal preference for how they want their coffee served.
So, what’s the best way to take kratom? To be clear, there are inexhaustible ways of ingesting kratom. This means that determining the best way to take kratom can be backbreaking, but achievable. In this guide, we are going to explore the various ways used by most conventional consumers. This will help us narrow down on the best ways to take kratom.

Kratom Sourcing
First things first. Let us shortly deviate to the sources and form in which you get this product before we address the dosage and best ways of taking kratom.

From many sources, your kratom will come in powder or loose-leaf form. The forms may influence the way you take your kratom.

Kratom Quality and Quality

We all like the highest quality of everything we purchase for consumption. That is not subject to any debate, is it?

Go for quality kratom from reputable sources. The quality of your kratom has a direct influence on the dosage. Low quality means that you will have to take more of it as compared to having a high-quality product.

If you were asking yourself about dosage, then note that it all starts with the quality of what you just bought. If you want the best experience, then go for the best kratom available. 

However, the universal dosage rule for any substance is that, as a beginner, you should start with small doses and gradually increase according to your body’s reaction. In some cases, you might also need to reduce the dosage.

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5 Ways to take Kratom. 

Exploring the common ways of taking kratom can help you determine what is best for you. Let us have a look at 5 common ways of ingesting kratom. it.

  1. Wash it Down the Gullet 

Others would call it “Toss n’ wash” This is like the traditional way we use to take pills. Simply put a portion of your kratom dosage in your mouth and wash it down the gullet with a sip of water or juice. Everyone can do this. This is the basic and arguably the easiest way to take kratom. But is it the best way? Wait, let us explore other options.

  1. Brewing Kratom Tea

Like many other herbs, brewing kratom is yet another effective way of ingesting kratom. Making kratom tea is simple. You only need to add your dosage of kratom in boiling water and allow it to boil for another 20 minutes. You can use other tricks like adding sugar or honey for sweetening, putting it in the fridge for an iced option, or adding other herbs for flavor or medicinal value. This way, you will start feeling the effects of your tea in about 30 minutes.

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  1. Smoking Kratom 

If you are a cigarette smoker, this can be a viable option for you. Roll your kratom and puff your way into the experience. Even though burning reduces the effects of kratom, you will still have a fair share of its benefits. You are at liberty to roll the dried leaves with other smokable herbs or even tobacco itself.

  1. Swallowing Kratom Capsules

This doesn’t need much elaboration. Capsuled kratom is a pre-measured dosage that is tossed in the mouth and swallowed with water or juice just like other medical pills. It takes up to 30 minutes for you to start feeling the effects of kratom.

  1. Mixing Kratom in your Food

It is a great way of taking powder from kratom. It works well especially if you don’t like the taste of kratom. Semi-solid foods like yogurt, pudding, oatmeal, and milkshakes are most appropriate for the job.


Back to the question, what is the best way to take Kratom? After honorably highlighting some of the popular methods that are used to take kratom, we can conclude that there is no particular way that can be declared the ultimate winner in this battle. Everyone will have a personal preference on the methods that fit them the best. Smoke it, brew it, swallow it or mix it with food. The verdict is in your hands. May you find what is best for you.

Matt Tatem

Matt Tatem

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